Narthex Lunettes

Originally painted in 1901 by Almini Company, the murals have been compromised by a heavy layer of dirt and grime with decades of airborne pollutants from fossil fuel heating, candles and other airborne accretions. The conservation process will consist of a re-cohesion of the “paint” and/or pigment to the existing plaster, as well as a re-cohesion of the plaster to itself is the aim of this consolidation. Cleaning will consist in the removal of all unoriginal products, dirt, varnish, paints, fills, and/or previous restorations. Holes, gouges, scratches and other losses will be compensated with gesso. After these procedures, the murals can be varnished. Areas of previous paint loss will be color matched and in-painted.  It is important that the entire painted surface reads homogeneously and brought to its best state-of-conservation.