The Peace Window (2017-2018)

This 1903 Tiffany Studios window was one of the most severely deteriorated in the sanctuary before restoration. The 114 year-old window was a memorial gift in memory of Silas and Maria Cobb by their daughters Mrs. Walter Walker (nee Maria Cobb) and Mrs. Walter Denegre (nee Bertha Cobb).  

Venturella Studio of New York City conducted the year-long window restoration. Tom Venturella and Jim Murphy did a masterful job of cleaning and repairing the thousands of pieces of glass in the window. They then releaded the entire window. In July 2018, the window’s fifteen sections were re-installed in a new steel frame, while a new protective glass covering was installed on the exterior. Minor masonry repairs in the window’s exterior surround were made. Finally, the interior plaster surrounding the window was repaired and repainted in Shaw’s original color scheme. Today you can see the window as it looked when it arrived in 1903 from the Tiffany Studios.